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In addition to acupuncture, Acutonics®, Tui-Na, Chi Nei Tsang, cupping, and herbal medicine, Summer Acupuncture offers a variety of other healing therapies to help patients feel their best.


Moxibustion, or moxa for short, is a technique mostly used to warm and tonify acupuncture points. Although it can be used in a few different ways, every style of moxa involves using the herb Mugwort in some form. If it’s needed, Summer Nemri, LAc, EAMP, almost always combines moxa with acupuncture.

The most common form of moxa that Summer uses is stick moxa. A dark black cigar-looking stick is lit by fire to the tip until it burns red. After it is sufficiently heated up, Summer holds the stick and hovers it over the points while they have needles in them. Summer does a pecking motion but never touches the stick to a patient’s skin. “I want patients to feel the heat from the moxa, but it should never feel like it’s burning,” she explains. Every person’s skin varies in sensitivity to heat, so Summer always asks for patients to share if it feels too hot. Moxa is very commonly used to turn breach babies with great efficacy! And on occasion, Summer sends patients home to do moxa on themselves too.

Essential Oil Therapy

Essential Oil Therapy at Summer Acupuncture in FremontApplying organic, therapeutic-grade essential oils has become a customary part of Summer’s practice, and she incorporates it into most acupuncture and massage treatments. Unless patients specify sensitivity to essential oils or aroma, they will likely be experiencing the lovely aromas and relaxing effect of different oils on their bodies and on specific points throughout the treatment.

Summer uses high-quality oils selected specifically to assist in every treatment where she sees fit. Essential oils are medicine. They absorb directly into the bloodstream via the skin, and they act very quickly. Generally, Summer mixes the oils with a carrier oil, such as shea butter or cocoa butter, because some patients’ skin types can be sensitive to strong oil.

Many essential oils are anti-viral and anti-bacterial. In nature, the oils of the plant serve to protect it against mites and viruses. They can act similarly when applied topically. The process of essential oil extraction is intensive—it can take a lot of plant material to make a few drops of oil, so these medicines are very pure and precious. The benefits are multifold, and Summer uses each single or blended formula with intention for each patient’s specific condition(s).

Certain components in essential oils, such as linalool and terpenes, have been shown to significantly decrease stress and calm the nervous system. When we are able to be in a more calm and receptive place, healing happens much faster with longer lasting results.

CBD Hemp Oil

Find out more about this incredible oil and place your order on PrimeMyBody, where Summer is an affiliate.

Kangen Water

Kangen Water from Enagic is filtered tap water that include ionized alkaline and acidic waters. Summer is an authorized distributor (#5505670) of Enagic’s products. Learn more on the Kangen Generation Facebook page.