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I am grateful for the kind words that many of my clients have said. Here are a few examples. —Summer Nemri, LAc, EAMP

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I’ve had acupuncture with Summer four times now, and I definitely recommend her. She is very intuitive, and takes the time to give you what you need. She is very kind, thoughtful, and I always feel very relaxed when I leave.
—Amy B. (originally published on Yelp)

Summer Has an amazing gift for healing, Her path is one of love and compassion and it shines through in her work. Very intuitive and perceptive, she has always been able to help relieve my back pain and wrist pains from the work I do. Visit Summer and she is sure to make you feel right at home and so much better than when you walked in the door… I would definitely recommend to all my friends.
—Jean-Luc B. (originally published on Yelp)

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Professional. Knowlegable. Effective. I was a little apprehensive at first, but Summer has a great calming affect and really knows what she’s doing. Highly recomended!
—James S. (originally published on GenBook)

Summer is a healer. She knows her stuff, has an amazing touch & very intuitive too. I got rear ended almost 2 years ago and felt I feel like my healing plateaued. I decided to try another acupuncturist & a good friend recommended Summer. Summer has eased my body pain, mind & soul. I am happy to say with about 6 visits I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and be whole again. I would recommend Summer for all of her healing works, anytime!
—Bob S. (originally published on GenBook)

I’ve been getting acupuncture treatment with Summer for almost a year, and it helped me a lot in decreasing my neck pain. She is very knowledgeable and chooses the right treatment based on your needs. I always feel very relaxed after the acupuncture sessions.
—Tanya (originally published on GenBook)