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Men’s health is usually focused on the treatment and/or maintenance of sexual reproductive function. Chinese medicine provides many great treatments and tools for achieving a patient’s goals that are focused on sexual performance. Most of the treatments include acupuncture as well as an herbal medicine formula, but not always. Sometimes, we can achieve fantastic results with only acupuncture treatments.

Sexual dysfunction of any kind usually takes some commitment, requiring between 6 to 10 treatments to really understand the nature of how your body is responding to acupuncture and to see the results come to fruition. Frequently, stress is a major culprit for many reproductive ailments. However, with simple and gentle acupuncture, we can get the Qi (energy in our bodies; pronounced chee) moving in smoothly. Often times, the body adjust and regains balance in a way that will improve sexual function.

Herbal medicine can also be a great and, in some cases, a necessary addition to treatment by way of nourishing the kidney Qi (directly related to reproductive organs) and moving the liver Qi (related to the free flow of Qi in the body as well as smoothing out of the emotions).

It can be incredibly frustrating and stressful when we are not happy with our sex life! A vicious cycle can begin to build up, so you want to make sure that you treat this before it begins to manifest in other less healthy ways in your life. Sexuality is one of the main ways we express ourselves, enjoy pleasure, and relieve stress. Let’s make sure we keep it that way!

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