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Women’s health can cover a variety of topics, and Summer Acupuncture specializes in balancing menstrual cycles and hormones, fertility, pregnancy, and sexual dysfunction. As a woman and a mother, Summer Nemri, LAc, EAMP, draws from her own personal experiences and adapts treatments based on what each individual patient is looking for and needing.

“I always default to you, your body,” Summer says. “Your body is wise! I understand that it can be challenging to get quiet enough to listen to what it needs. I like to encourage you to believe that it’s possible to be so in tune with yourself that you begin to hear what it is that your body is asking of you.”

Women are powerful beings—we are magic, and we are transformational. Our bodies are so incredible, waiting to give life in so many forms. “More than anything, I want this magic to be allowed and given a space to create,” Summer explains. “Sometimes, that’s all we need: permission to let go and surrender to the wild unknown of our divine Femininity.”

Summer is an expert at getting down and dirty with what a patient’s physical and emotional body is asking. Using acupuncture, often times in conjunction with herbal medicine and essential oils, as well as abdominal massage in certain cases, can bring the body back into hormonal balance.

Fertility treatments using acupuncture and Chinese medicine have gained much popularity in the past few years, as women (and men) have discovered how effective it is! For example, many infertility cases can be treated with the intention of stress relief and relaxation. Of course, some cases have more complex issues going on; however, infertility can be very stressful and put a lot of pressure on the couple without them even realizing it. Simple and effective stress relief treatments help to get the mind out of the way as well as the circulation moving in a smoother way. It’s surprising how quickly a woman becomes pregnant if she can just step out of the way and relax a little.

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