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Acupuncture can be incredibly beneficial in the treatment of Lyme disease because it helps alleviate and nurture the body during the journey of this bacterial disease and all of its manifestations. In addition, Summer Nemri, LAc, EAMP, often uses a variety of complementary therapies to assist in treatment, including essential oils, herbal medicine and supplements, and apitherapy (including Bee Venom Therapy—not for the faint of heart, but very useful).

Specializing in the treatment of Lyme disease, Summer shares her story:

My interest in Lyme disease peaked when a best friend of mine tested positive and began her unraveling journey toward treatment. I was able to see her through all the ups and downs that come with dealing with Lyme. I’ve seen how it’s affected nearly every organ in her body and broken her down time after time.

Naturally, I wanted to help her, and in doing what I could, I had to learn more about the disease. I began to collect information on common treatments and also “alternative” treatments. I am confident that with the various treatments I offer, you can achieve optimal health and maintenance throughout your unique journey with Lyme. Together, we can develop a treatment plan to fit you at your current stage as well as set goals for where you want to be. We can focus on pain management, digestion, energy level, and mood balancing, just to name a few issues that we can address throughout the course of treatment. We can go as deep as you desire with how serious you want to focus on your treatment. Everyone has a different goal for their treatment, and I’m willing to follow your lead and offer all the suggestions and knowledge I can along the way.

Besides having kept honeybees in the past, I remembered hearing that bee stings have been used to treat Lyme, and so began my journey into apitherapy. (Find more details about apitherapy via the American Apitherapy Society, just one of the many recommendations I provide on my Resources page.)

And if you have Lyme, you might know of Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD, who is, among many others, a specialist on Lyme disease. Dr. Klinghardt’s clinic, the Sophia Health Institute in Woodinville, Wash., is now using Bee Venom Therapy (BVT) to treat Lyme. BVT has been shown to kill the Lyme bacteria; however, it can take time, and this treatment needs very close supervision. If you are interested in going down this path, I would be happy to talk to you about all that it entails. There is a process, and it must be strictly followed.

Treatment of Lyme Disease with Acupuncture at Summer Acupuncture in Fremont